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2020-08-22 10:12

[practical technology] hidden construction elevator technol


The hidden construction goods elevator technology in the shaft is a construction technology that uses the existing elevator shaft and foundation to install the construction goods elevator in the shaft, and realizes the effective connection with the main structure. The technology can be used for the main body construction, external wall decoration, interior decoration, owners' looking at the building, etc., especially for the fine decoration project, it can effectively protect the elevator entering the house and reduce the cost of the elevator The damage of less decoration construction to the entrance elevator. Different from the traditional outdoor construction goods elevator, the use of the hidden construction goods elevator in the shaft does not need a separate construction cargo elevator foundation, the use is not affected by the weather, can take into account the indoor decoration and external curtain wall engineering, can greatly save the construction cost and shorten the construction period; the connection with the main structure does not need material platform and gangway, which can effectively avoid casualties, noise nuisance and green ring protect.


Technical features:
1. Ensure safety
The construction cargo elevator shaft is built-in and uses the closed shaft as the natural barrier, which connects with the main structure without material platform and springboard, so as to avoid the risk of personnel falling and casualties.
2. Shorten the construction period
This technology does not need to be used alone as the foundation of cargo elevator, and is not affected by the weather. It can also take into account the interior decoration and external curtain wall engineering, which can greatly shorten the construction period.
3. Cost saving
Compared with the external elevator, the built-in construction cargo elevator can save the load-bearing foundation, bearing material platform and protection, scaffolding and other materials and the corresponding labor costs, which greatly saves the engineering cost.
4. Energy saving and environmental protection
The built-in construction cargo elevator has no dust pollution, no noise nuisance, low energy consumption, energy conservation and environmental protection.


Scope of application:
The technology of hidden construction cargo elevator in the shaft is suitable for high-rise buildings, especially for high-rise buildings with tight construction period and exterior wall decoration, interior decoration and owner's view of the building.
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