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Maintenance service

24-hour worry free service

1、 One day response system: troubleshooting is controlled within 24 hours.

2、 Double supervision system: the general manager and the marketing manager double supervision, providing the service with human, material, financial, technical guidance, accessories supply and other green channels.

3、 Three minute response system: the service personnel are required to contact the customer within 3 minutes after receiving the dispatch order instruction.

4、 Parts supply guarantee system: deliver in the shortest time by the fastest and most effective way.


Service network:

Transport and national service outlets, to provide customers with seamless and fast service.

Service management mode:

Customer centered, maintenance service, fast service, return visit service, accessories management service.

Communication information, tracking the whole process.

Value added services:

All year round rolling training for operators.

Return visit and monitor the equipment regularly.

Technology upgrading.